best plus size fashion brands

Till the past few years, fashion retailers were bound by different fashion clichés and never used to concentrate on plus size fashion. In the fashion industry, there were no places for plus size people. The whole concepts of fashion were grown around skinny people and those having an hourglass figure.

However, most of the population around the world belongs to the plus size category. Most of the women have curvaceous and voluptuous figures. Not only the woman, most of the populations around the world share the same size range.

Anyway, finally the idea of a perfect figure is changing. People are realising that even plus size is a different kind of beauty. It is more natural and more timeless. It is a kind of beauty that is flawless in its own ways. Fashion retailers are now coming up with plus size clothing lines. It is now one of the most growing markets. According to the NPD Group, now it represents $18 billion of the $116 billion women’s apparel business.

Many fashion brands are coming up with their plus size clothing. Whereas, many fashion brands are coming up selling only plus size clothing. Nowadays, plus size models are welcomed with open arms. They are ruling the ramp walks, the fashion magazine covers. Many plus size fashion bloggers are also coming up with different great tips to make your body look the best.

The fashion world is changing slowly. The idea of ‘most of the clothes do not look good on fat people’ is changing. The clichés like clingy clothes, body-hugging fabrics, floral prints do not look good on plus size figure is changing. From bikini to bodysuit, to crop top in different styles and silhouettes is coming up every day.

Fashion brands are really working hard to excel in this area. They are trying every day to make the size just a number so that it does not restrict anyone to choose their style statements.

These are some of the best plus size clothing brands that are outshining in this particular category.

ASOS Curve

This company has some of the best western collections. With dress to swim suit, it is earning a lot of popularity for their varieties and collection.


The whole concept of this plus size clothing brand is fun, funky, trendy styles. They have more than hundred independent designers that work day and night to provide some of the best plus size clothing collections.

Old Navy Plus

From casual t-shirt to a sensuous dress, you will get everything under one roof. With some of the amazing fashion collections, it is one of the highest selling plus size fashion brands.

This company mainly emphasis on plus size clothing. Clothes available in regular and plus size in MUSTARD are the best for working women. The designed are characterized by less flashiness and more elegance.

Ashley Stewart

With the motive to cherish all these beautiful curves, this company started their journey from New York. This brand is characterised by fashion forward, on-trend clothing.

With such a growth in this particular market, I think more and more brands will soon come up to join this category. The revenues and the selling rating are slowly growing up and this will attract more brands. Plus, many fashion designers are in the race to promote this plus size category.

Fashion Tips for Looking Great

Fashion is the modest technique that changes women’s lifestyle in the appropriate manner. There are plenty of women fashion accessories that are useful for women. The most used fashion accessories are clothing, handbags, Jewelries, and cosmetics. These fashion accessories always change according to the season and the latest trends. So, women have the wide choices to buy different types of accessories according to trends and get the fabulous look in every occasion. There are some tips that are the best for women who want to look great and stunning. These also discover shopping techniques and fashion advice on different types of accessories that make sure you will get your full value for your money.

1. Look at attractive items

It is necessary for women to choose classy pieces of fashion accessories like beautiful clothes, classy handbags, stunning jewelries and more others. If they wear fashionable and trendy clothes, carry stylish bags then they get a perfect and the great look ever. Also, find out the fashion items that are more flexible and comfortable everywhere.

2. Search the beautiful clothes

For the striking look, clothing is the essential part if you wear stylish clothing then it makes you modish and offers the chic look. You are able to find out well-designed pieces of clothing from online stores and shops. In this fashion era, you should make sure to buy apparels that made of high-quality fabric. It is required to select clothing that suits your body and your look.

3. Hang stylish handbags on the shoulder

Handbags are many so women need to find handbags that give the advanced and gorgeous look. There are many handbags that come in different shapes, design and colors like women’s leather bags, clutches, bucket bags and more. These all type of תיקי עור לנשים defines your own personal style and confident looks. Try the latest and modern handbags for the dazzling look.

4. Adorn the look with designer Jewelries

Women have the huge selection of fashionable jewelries so they can prefer the designer and trendy jewelries. It is essential to buy jewelries that must obviously match with a particular outfit and personality. These designer jewelries make you beautiful and attractive where you go.

5. Choose the marvelous makeup items

These days, makeup is also one of the essential parts of women. Women need to apply makeup in the appropriate manner that looks very perfect and striking. For women, need to apply makeup that is the best for their skin and skin color texture.

6. Wear the sunglasses that suits on face

There are plenty of sunglasses available in this fashion time. This is essential for women to choose sunglasses that suits on the outfit, face, and eye friendly. These sunglasses always give different look and attractive appearance.

These all tips are helpful for you when you shop different type of fashion accessories. These all fashion accessories change your look every time if you wear these in the proper manner. So, women can take rest and find perfect one according to their need and the latest trend.

Promote Yourself As a Fashion Designer

The style plan business is loaded with capable youthful originators who are all wanting to get their enormous break. Keeping in mind the end goal to make it in the realm of design outline you require considerably more than just ability and style. You will require the determination to advance and market yourself until you get took note. This article investigates the absolute most well known things you can do keeping in mind the end goal to advance yourself as a style fashioner.

Make a Website

A site is critical for advancing yourself, your style and your work. A site will go about as your own one of a kind 24 hour deals handout, elevating you to individuals everywhere throughout the world. It is crucial that your site looks proficient and that it mirrors your own particular style. Along these lines it is frequently vital to enlist a web originator to make the site for you. A poor and amateurish site will regularly put off potential businesses.

You will need your site to be anything but difficult to explore, and you additionally need to make it clear to guests how they can get in touch with you. Connections to your long range informal communication locales are additionally suggested. You will likewise need to show your arrangement of work on the web. Ensure that the greater part of your pictures are high caliber, and that they transfer immediately when a guest tries to view them.

Long range interpersonal communication

Long range interpersonal communication stages permit you to advance yourself, and interface with other individuals everywhere throughout the world that are in design the business. A portion of the greatest players in the informal communication scene incorporate Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. is a leading B2B portal through which you can get updated information about top Interior Design Courses in Chandigarh. To know more about our services, visit

On Facebook you can make your own particular Facebook fan page. On the fan page you can show some of your style plan drawings and manifestations, alongside a connection to your site or blog. You can then request that loved ones “like” your page. Once the word gets out you will find that individuals with an enthusiasm for your style plans will like your page and you can begin to become famous.

Twitter is a person to person communication stage where you can impart short blasts of data to different clients. This can incorporate basic things like what you are doing well now, and photos or connections to sites. You can develop a taking after of individuals who are keen on comparative things to yourself.

YouTube is a gigantic stage that is intended to share your own recordings. You can make recordings sharing your thoughts on style, or showcasing your most recent plans or design buys. You can likewise connect this record to other long range informal communication locales, web journals and sites.


An online journal permits you to show your style outline work and your own musings with others. An online journal is an awesome stage to put yourself out there and get yourself took note. Numerous style fashioners have been seen by making a quality blog that shares useful substance to the world. With regards to advancing yourself and your work you simply need to pull out all the stops. Never be reluctant to convey what needs be and who you genuinely are as this is a major some portion of discovering your way in the style business. Good fortunes!

Victorian Fashion for Women

Fashion is one thing that keeps on changing constantly. Trends observed on the cover of every fashion magazine today, are replaced by something else tomorrow! It is actually a cycle, a fashion that is dubbed as ‘old’ today, doesn’t completely fade away, it returns again after some years. Fashion designers, fashion police, and fashion conscious people give a modern look to that ‘old’ fashion, and then that fashion again becomes a hit! Victorian fashion is one such style. This style was obviously first observed during the Victorian period, during the 19th century.

It refers to the trends of the British culture that existed during the reign of queen Victoria, commonly known as the Victorian era. This era lasted for almost two-thirds of the 19th century, which is why we see many different Victorian styles. Clothes were made by hand at the start of the era, however by the end of this age, they were made only by machines. This change is also seen in the fashion clothing of that time. Though the method of sewing the clothes changed, a few styles remained the same. Men of the Victorian age wore stiff ankle length or full length clothing whereas the women wore flowery, flowing gowns or dresses. The outfits changed according to the occasion, however the length remained the same. Women had to wear full length dresses, they were not even allowed to expose their ankles, it was regarded almost a crime. Ironically, bare shoulders or cleavage showing gowns were allowed.

When it came to fashion jewelry, like women of any era or age, Victorian women also loved jewelry! Art Nouveau and pearls were commonly used. One interesting fact is that mourning jewelry was the most popular kind of jewelry! It started with Queen Victoria itself, she wore jet jewelry after Prince Albert’s death. Almost everything that was black in color would be used to make mourning jewelry, sometimes it also included the deceased person’s hair!

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Free Flowing Skirt


Modern Victorian Fashion for Women


Shirts/Blouses: Free-flowing skirts can obviously not be worn on an everyday basis now. So instead opt for Victorian style shirts. Choose blouses made of lace, velvet, or silk and remember, the more feminine the dress is, the more Victorian it is. Go for colors like pale yellow, light blue, black, royal blue, rose pink, ivory etc. You could get pearl-style buttons stitched to complete the look.
Jackets: Jackets were very popular during the start of the era. To give a modern look to these old-fashioned jackets, choose wool or velvet. Blazers with a feminine cut will also do. In winter, you can opt for cashmere sweaters which have elegant buttons and delicate embroidery. Choose colors like green, deep purple, brown, etc.
Jeans: You do not need to wear long gowns to be Victorian. You can even wear jeans to dress like one. For that, buy jeans that have delicate designs, pearls, lace, velvet trim, etc.
Skirts: Skirts with hoops and laces should be worn. Velvet tier skirts also have a Victorian touch to them. Wear woolen stockings and black fishnets with your grand skirts.

Now that you know what kind of dress you should wear, let’s see how to complete the look with the right accessories.

Necklaces: Chokers are the first choice when it comes to Victorian style jewelry, you can opt for lace or velvet chokers. A single diamond pendant necklace or a locket can also be worn. To a party, wear only pearls!
Earrings: Studs were more popular than earrings during this era. So buy rhinestone studs. However, if studs do not go well with your dress, go for chandelier earrings of the same color as that of the blouse.
Bracelets and Rings: Silver or gold plated bracelets with rhinestone elegant pearls look great on a Victorian dress. Choose rings with big stones and a good shine to complete the look.