best plus size fashion brands

Till the past few years, fashion retailers were bound by different fashion clichés and never used to concentrate on plus size fashion. In the fashion industry, there were no places for plus size people. The whole concepts of fashion were grown around skinny people and those having an hourglass figure.

However, most of the population around the world belongs to the plus size category. Most of the women have curvaceous and voluptuous figures. Not only the woman, most of the populations around the world share the same size range.

Anyway, finally the idea of a perfect figure is changing. People are realising that even plus size is a different kind of beauty. It is more natural and more timeless. It is a kind of beauty that is flawless in its own ways. Fashion retailers are now coming up with plus size clothing lines. It is now one of the most growing markets. According to the NPD Group, now it represents $18 billion of the $116 billion women’s apparel business.

Many fashion brands are coming up with their plus size clothing. Whereas, many fashion brands are coming up selling only plus size clothing. Nowadays, plus size models are welcomed with open arms. They are ruling the ramp walks, the fashion magazine covers. Many plus size fashion bloggers are also coming up with different great tips to make your body look the best.

The fashion world is changing slowly. The idea of ‘most of the clothes do not look good on fat people’ is changing. The clichés like clingy clothes, body-hugging fabrics, floral prints do not look good on plus size figure is changing. From bikini to bodysuit, to crop top in different styles and silhouettes is coming up every day.

Fashion brands are really working hard to excel in this area. They are trying every day to make the size just a number so that it does not restrict anyone to choose their style statements.

These are some of the best plus size clothing brands that are outshining in this particular category.

ASOS Curve

This company has some of the best western collections. With dress to swim suit, it is earning a lot of popularity for their varieties and collection.


The whole concept of this plus size clothing brand is fun, funky, trendy styles. They have more than hundred independent designers that work day and night to provide some of the best plus size clothing collections.

Old Navy Plus

From casual t-shirt to a sensuous dress, you will get everything under one roof. With some of the amazing fashion collections, it is one of the highest selling plus size fashion brands.

This company mainly emphasis on plus size clothing. Clothes available in regular and plus size in MUSTARD are the best for working women. The designed are characterized by less flashiness and more elegance.

Ashley Stewart

With the motive to cherish all these beautiful curves, this company started their journey from New York. This brand is characterised by fashion forward, on-trend clothing.

With such a growth in this particular market, I think more and more brands will soon come up to join this category. The revenues and the selling rating are slowly growing up and this will attract more brands. Plus, many fashion designers are in the race to promote this plus size category.