Tips for Choosing White Fashion Accessories

Regardless of the current fashion trend, always remember the golden rule―moderation is the key. Pick elements that won’t overshadow the outfit, but still stand out as individual pieces.

Note : These items are for representation purposes only and are to be strategically included to enhance your look with the appropriate outfit. They are NOT supposed to be worn on one outfit.

While choosing to wear white accessories with a white-colored dress, top, or outfit, you need to be very careful as to not overdo the whole thing. When you have a single color to work with, handle it by adding one element at a time. The white hues range from pure white to winter white (off-white or cream). In order to put together the look, a combination of stark white with winter white may come in handy.

Many people have a misguided belief that only people with fair skin can pull off ‘white on white’ look. That’s really not the case. People with darker skin too can pull this look off, if they know how to intermingle elements with one another. The best advice we can give you at this stage is to try on different white accessories to see how each of the hues work on your skin tone and outfit.

As you can see in this image, the accessories have been tastefully included to enhance the blue dress. Even with a darker-colored dress, the elegant pieces make the entire ensemble work decently.
There are so many tops, dresses, and outfits that can be paired with white accessories. The best thing about adding the correct “white” pieces is that both pastel and darker-colored clothing look stunning. For fall and winter seasons, you can include white layers like a sweater, cardigan, jacket, or a coat to give your outfit an overall polished appeal.

Shades of pink and blue, coral, red, purple, and black are just a few colors that look marvelous when paired with white accessories. For formal events, you can choose to accessorize with pearls and diamonds. As for semi-formal to casual occasions, rhinestones and beads make the best companion.
Accessories can either make or break your look. So, while selecting fashion accessories for your dress, don’t go overboard by adding too many items. Keep your choices as tasteful as it should be, and always give “comfort” top priority.

Trendy Fashion

Women, no matter what their age, can dress fashionably and look stylish and chic. Many people have the wrong notion that only a woman in her 20s can dress well, but the truth is that fashion knows no age. A truly fashionable person is one who is confident, wears clothes well, and carries herself with grace. Certain trends like play suits and micro minis that look good on younger women, might not be age-appropriate for a woman in her 50s. One should aim to look stylish and not trashy. A great wardrobe, together with a flattering hairstyle and makeup, can make any mature woman look chic.

Before deciding which designs and styles of clothes are flattering for a woman over 50, a mature woman should know her body’s strengths and weaknesses. A mature woman might face various issues, be it an expanding waistline or jiggly arms and large thighs. The best clothes are those that can conceal such flaws and bring out the positives of her figure. Don’t make the mistake of wearing baggy and shapeless clothes if you are a little on the heavier side. Many women think that they can hide their bulk behind baggy clothes, but the truth is that it makes them look shapeless. Ill-fitting clothes makes one look frumpy and matronly, which is certainly not the look you are aiming for. Think of sharp tailored clothes that hug all your curves at the right places, without being over the top.

A shift dress that is cut well and stops just at the knee is one of the best options for women over 50. It shows the right amount of skin, has a demure neckline and you can pair it with a jacket for chilly evenings. Neutral colors like off-white, black, charcoal, gray and navy, work well for the day and jewel tones of ruby, turquoise and emerald are great for evenings. Women over 50 can also look quite chic and sophisticated in shirt-dresses and tunic tops. These styles of dresses and tops look trendy and graceful and they are age-appropriate too.

One thing that you should remember while choosing outfits for mature women is that the right fit is the most important aspect of your wardrobe. Shirt dresses work well for any woman over 50, and if you do not want to bare your legs, then opt for a pair of simple pants in a neutral color. Take cue from fashion icons like Dianne Keaton and Helen Mirren, who dress age appropriately and still manage to outshine their younger colleagues, when it comes to fashion sense. A wrap dress is one of the best outfits for a mature woman, as it gives definition to the waist and uplifts the bust line. It is sexy without being vulgar and you can wear a wrap dress for a casual lunch with friends or even for an after-work party.

As a woman hits her 50s, her style gets more evolved and she has more economic power to afford designer dresses. A woman in her 50s should invest in classic items like a well-fitted trench coat, a printed day dress and a flattering tweed dress. The thing about classics is that they never go out of style and a mature woman looks sophisticated in these kinds of outfits. Always veer towards dark colors for the bottom half of your dress and a jewel tone near the face. Dresses, shirts and blouses with colors and geometric prints are great options.

Have you ever noticed how French women, no matter what their age, always look sophisticated? This is because they know what kind of outfits work well for them, and never attempt to pull off a dress that can become a disaster. A woman in her 50s should act her age and look dignified and sophisticated. They must stop wearing low waist and skinny jeans, and instead invest in a pair of nice boot cut jeans or straight cut jeans in a dark hue like indigo. These are instantly slimming and can be paired with anything from white shirts to colorful blouses. If you want to look feminine, then your wardrobe should definitely include romantic pussy bow blouses, well tailored A-line skirts and dresses. Avoid wearing too many loud prints and stick to simple patterns. When you enter your 50s, it is best that you avoid heavy makeup to conceal wrinkles and fine lines. You look the best when you are natural.

These were some tips and tricks by which a woman in her 50s can also look fashionable and chic. The best fashion advice for women over 50 is that they should wear well-structured clothes that are of high quality. Avoid displaying too much skin and keep makeup as natural as possible. A short haircut looks flattering on most mature women, and there are many other such hairstyles that might complement senior women. You should talk to your stylist about getting the best one possible. People say that age is in the mind, but you should be very careful in how you dress at your age.

Fashion Tips for Office Wear

While most people are busy climbing the corporate ladder, it is common to see them go wrong with their wardrobe. With the hectic lifestyle we live, it becomes difficult to concentrate on what we are wearing and whether it really suits a purpose. Here is an article that will help you with office fashion dos and don’ts.
The way you dress up in the office determines how people at the workplace perceive you as a professional. Companies, no doubt, hold the right to implement a certain kind of dress code, however, they assume that you are well aware of appropriate, and inappropriate workplace wear. Therefore, as an employee, you ought to familiarize yourself with fashion tips for office wear. Let’s be honest, not all of us are serious about our workplace attire.

» Formal Business Attire:
Despite changing fashion trends, formal business wear is still the most featured attire in workplaces. This kind of more formal approach is mandatory in places like banks, courts, or corporate offices, because in places like these, your clothes speak for the work you carry out in the office. For men, ties, collared shirts, jackets and blazers are a must; they can be taken off in privacy of your cabin or cubicle. Loud colors are a strict no-no, sober or muted tones are acceptable. For women, trousers or skirts teamed with blouses and coordinated with a blazer is acceptable. The footwear too ought to be conservative and jewelry, minimal.

» Smart Casuals:
The concept of smart casuals evolved when most workers felt that formal business attire did not match the environment they were working in. It was not strictly necessary to wear formal business clothes for the type of work they were carrying out, therefore, they adopted smart casuals, which were more comfortable and less restrictive. When employees are comfortable in their attire, they are more productive. The smart-casual concept meets both ends, it maintains the office conventions of dressing and at the same time the comfort factor is taken care of. Smart casuals can include short sleeve shirts with no tie, or sweater or polo shirts for men, whereas women can wear conventional trousers, skirts, and blouses, and jackets can be replaced by a cardigan or jumper.

» Casuals:
Casual outfits are appropriate in offices where the work carried out is creative or artistic. This is because the comfort in such clothes help employees to maintain the right frame of mind that’s needed for their kind of job. Therefore, t-shirts, sweatshirts, denim, and skirts are perfectly acceptable. Of course there are basic guidelines one must follow when you follow the casual style of dressing in your workplace. For example, women are not expected to wear too short tops or deep neck tops which will reveal their midriff. At the same time men should avoid t-shirts with large logos or offending statements on them. Now, this informal dress code could mean different things to different people, therefore, it is important for you to find out what the company actually expects out of you so that you can choose your casuals accordingly.

Tips To Upgrade Your Winter Fashion

Autumn has almost arrived and it’s time to gear yourself up for winter. Like any other men, you surely have no idea about what to buy and what to wear. Men these days have become very conscious for fashion and their looks, yet they are clueless about style and trend. However, this time you need not worry much. Just forget the ‘what to wear’ rules. Set your own style statement by mixing and matching your outfits. Anything that suits you or you like wearing can transform you into a style icon.

This article has summarized all the aspects of men’s fashion for you. You need not go for an entire wardrobe change. Just use whatever you already have in a proper manner and sporty chic style can do the magic for you. Here are some of the tips that may help you upgrade your fashion sense this season.

1. Time to replace the cotton shirts

It’s time for you to replace your cotton shirts with the denims ones. Pair them with either your trousers or with a pair of jeans. Even full sleeved t-shirts are good option for the fall. Winter is all about layers. You can use your shirt as jacket and wear it over your t-shirt. The cool and funky layered style is the most ‘in’ thing for this season.

2. Jackets and blazer

Jackets are the best fashion piece for this season. However, makes sure that you combine your outfit with it appropriately. Using contrasting color combination is an ideal choice. If your shirt or t-shirt is light colored, then, the blazer should be dark colored and vice-versa. Black jackets are always in fashion and the most versatile attire that you can have. If you have one in your assortment, then, half the job is done. You can pair it with any color and design. Sweatshirts and long overcoats with hood is also a good alternative. If you need to have a formal look, then, a waistcoat is a definite must.

3. Underneath fashion

It might sound irrelevant, but underneath clothing is equally important. Boxers, brief and other less revealing men’s underwear is ideal to keep you warm and cozy. Except for the special occasions, when you are planning an exotic outing with your partner, you can try out the bikinis and thongs. Keep a number of skivvies in your collection, so that, you don’t run out of options in the wet and gloomy weather. Don’t use the undergarments that you were using during summers. You need to change them every 2-3 months. Silk is ideal fabric for winters. It naturally regulates the temperature, that is, it insulates heat and keeps you warm down there. You can find a range of skivvies on the online men’s underwear store. Get the perfect one for yourself at a click of button.

4. Accessories

No look will ever be complete without accessories. Cap off your look with an elegant scarf. A jacket, blazer or overcoat paired with a scarf is the trendiest thing that a man can do. No matter the season, a wristwatch can always give a rich look to the wearer. Even the smart classic gentlemen shawl has returned to fashion these days. Apart from all this, you can find hats of all sorts, right from the most sporty to the traditional style. Pair and match these accessories in a proper manner and be a trend setter.

5. Footwear

Shoes are a symbol of your personal and professional status. The men’s boot crafted in classic leather are ideal for the winter fall. You need to have them in your collection, no matter the color, style or the brand. The vintage style of boots, with or without lace, can give a very masculine and in-trend look to the wearer. For the casual, you can even go for sports wear and sneakers.

These alternative will help you lead a stylish winter fall. Just manage your wardrobe, right from the jacket to underwear, and you can pull that effortless rich look. Keeping it simple, sleek and sophisticated is the biggest trend for men these days. Choose the right set of clothing as well as accessories and keep looking stylish.

Fashion Designers

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Tips Glamorous Fashion

Presentation is the key in the world of fashion. Fashion designers and aspiring models need to have a professional portfolio to have a bright career in the industry. Models who are aspiring to bag assignments in the advertising world or for the runways need to have a versatile portfolio that showcases them in different moments and angles. A good portfolio can embark one on a successful career, and plays a very important role in any aspiring model’s career graph as it is the first step into the world of glamor. Let us take a quick look at some tips for fashion portfolios and how you can look your best in it:

When you choose a photographer, ensure that you discuss the whole theme of the portfolio with him/her well in advance. Go through the photographer’s own repertoire to know about his/her style in photography. Some photographers may be particularly good with portrait shots, whereas some may be highly talented in creating surreal images. For this reason, you need to know how you can use the skills of the photographer to your advantage. You should discuss it with him/her to decide upon the basic look required.
Always keep a good varied wardrobe ready. A fashion portfolio that showcases you in different types of clothing and looks would turn out to be more useful for you. Experiment and create unique styles by selecting the right kind of clothing. Casual and formal looks are the most basic, but you can also try out something more creative. Simply browse through clothing stores and pick up pieces that can be mixed and matched. You can pair leggings with a short skirt and halter, or choose a cowboy look. Experiment and show how versatile you are, as it would help you to land up with plum assignments.
A fashion portfolio can be jazzed up in a variety of ways. You do not always have to invest in clothes that are exorbitantly priced. Look around in stores, or even flea markets, where you can get interesting jewelry items that you can use to add more pizzazz to your look. A chunky necklace or an interesting headgear can help to make a photograph truly interesting.
If you are a model with no prior experience, you must gather knowledge about facing the camera. It is crucial to know about the right angles, and pose in such a way that makes you look flattering in the photographs. You must not be conscious of the camera, as your stance will reflect the same. Discuss with the photographer on ways to face the camera and the kind of expression you would need to develop as per the costume selected.
Be careful about your posture. A model needs to have the correct posture to be able to look stunning. While in front of the camera, you can experiment with different poses to make each snap look different. Remember to feel free and at ease, and your spontaneity would naturally show in the photographs.

The Fashion Trends

The amazing thing about hoodies and sweatshirts is that despite those higher-priced items like Pigalle & Gosha Rubchinskiy, even the low-priced hoodies are still awesome. Vogue Market Editor Emma Morrison said that she always loves to wear the low-priced hoodies than the expensive ones. The reason is that she believes it does not make make any sense to pay a lot for an old-school classic.

So, just simply take out the high school hoodies in your storage, they can be trendy. I did not know that I was so fashionable when I was a high school student.

White T-shirts for Ladies

In recent years, I have heard that from many people that we don’t need to be so picky to choose a white tee. In fact, I believe white t-shirts are the most sophisticated items in the wardrobe that we should put the highest level of attention to the selection. White T-shirts have to fit your bodies, at the same time, they must be unique in order to stand out from others.

Just Cavalli is gaining popularity for their white print tee. Critics may think that they are too lavish, but I am a big fan of it. I love their printing patterns and cutting. For plain white tee, I usually recommend people to choose from brands like J.crew, Alexander Wang and Zara.

You may think that you cannot wear white t-shirts very often as they are too simple. However, this is a wrong perception. With a good match of bottoms, shoes and accessories, you can wear white tee every single day.

TOMS Shoes

Back in the early mid-2000s, there were no one would imagine alpargatas could become a fashion statement. They are cheap in price and comfy. TOMS successfully grasped the chance to turn it into a worldwide fashion trend.

Is 2016 still their year?

Despite the sandals trend we have been witnessing these days, I believe TOMS will continue to remain as a hit for footwear. TOMS will remain in power for women fashion and start to invade the menswear as a strong fashion staple. Sandals and TOMS are both very comfortable to put on but TOMS shoes got an edge over sandals is that they are even easier to put on and take off. 1 second. BOOM! TOMS is a great companion to any types of bottoms. Usually, ladies would put on skinny jeans in order to match with TOMS shoes. But actually no matter it is casual shorts or any types of skirts, they match well. This is the magical power of TOMS so I believe 2016 Winter and even 2017 are still TOMS’s years.

It is fabulous to see that a traditional Latin shoes of such fun and beautiful origin is now a solid fashion element in both America and even the world.

To reiterate, It is time to invest in your wardrobe now! Hoodies are your modern companion in this winter and you would want to get more stylish white T-shirts now. For the footwear choices, TOMS always worths your consideration.

Trends to wear now from London Fashion

London Fashion Week is such a fast turn around. You have this massive build up wondering what direction each brand will take their collection this season, then when it arrives, within days it’s gone, leaving you out of breath from taking in all the information you have just witnessed. After the dust settles from fashion week you then have time to digest which print, silhouette and fabrics will be key for next season. This is the exciting part as you see new trends appear on the catwalk you shouldn’t have to wait for Spring to come around to wear them. You can take influence from key catwalk styles and source them out now. Here is a rundown of the key style details you can take away from London Fashion week and use now in your wardrobe.

1. The Statement Sleeve.

This season sleeves have been the key detail for tops, with an increase of oversized volume cuffs and in some styles, they have an extreme length to the sleeve. This has been a slow trend that has been increasing with each season so there will already be high street stores covering this area. Styles that feature these details will be shirts or shirting fabric tops. Zara is a great high street store when shopping for this trend.


Another trend which showed its face a few seasons ago and has come round again is ruffles, which are being featured as a detail on all most every kind of style item. Worn correctly ruffles can really make any outfit stand out, the key is to know which item you suits you and your style. Topshop has already shown ruffles as strong styling features to simple fashion items and they are covering this key trend beautifully.


Tips on Using Brooches for Dresses

Brooches have long been neglected as a fashion accessory and were seen as something that is worn only by old ladies. But it is time to get those brooches out of your jewelry box and get them polished and cleaned. This season, brooches have made the ultimate comeback and they are touted as the hottest fashion accessory. With many variety of brooches available, from the ornate vintage ones to the more fun preppy ones, you will be literally spoiled for choice. Brooches can be worn in many different ways, but one of the best way to wear them is by attaching them on dresses. The right brooch can jazz up even the most simplest and drabbest of any outfit. And the best part? They are ideal for camouflaging any outfit that is torn or has a spill on it. You just need to find a brooch that is big enough to cover the spot and your dress will look as good as new. Here are a few tips on how to rock the brooch trend.

Brooches are available in many different designs and styles. A jewel-encrusted brooch in eye-catching hues can transform even the most blah outfit to something dramatic. And the best thing about wearing brooches with dresses is that you can pin them anywhere in your outfit. It is a great way to attract attention to your most flattering features. Traditionally, a brooch was worn on the lapel of a coat or jacket but you can pin a brooch to a dress to give it a touch of glamor.

Shoulder of Your Dress
If you have a plain shift dress and want to smarten it up for evening wear, then pin a cluster of brooches on the shoulder of your dress. It is one of the best ways to glam up a simple dress. Opt for a mix of quirky looking brooches on soft feminine dresses to make a statement.
Back of Your Dress
One of the sexiest way to wear a brooch is by pinning in at the back of your dress. If you are wearing a dress with a plunging back, then attach the brooch at the lowest point on your back. Alternatively, you can pin a ceramic or crystal brooch between the back straps of the dress.
Do you have last seasons bohemian dresses that are very voluminous and are simply not wearable. Chunky brooches can be used to gather the dress at the back and produce a more streamlined effect at the bust area.
Bodice of Your Dress
If you are wearing a cocktail dress that has a plunging neckline, just wear the brooch at the center of the neckline. This will accentuate the neckline and give your dress some more glamor. Large antique brooches with a subtle sparkle works very well. You can also opt for brooches with a nature-based design to up the style quotient.
Side of Your Dress
One of the best way to wear a brooch is by attaching it to the side of your waist. You can pin the brooch on one side of your dress if you are wearing a dress that has lots of folds and pleats. The brooch should be a large one so that it is eye-catching or it will get lost in the folds of the dress and not serve its purpose. An oversize bejeweled brooch looks best with a solid colored dress.
Waist of Your Dress
You can also wear an antique brooch pinned to a ribbon or sash and then tie the ribbon at the waist. You can align the brooch either at the center or slightly to the side. This idea works well for floral dresses or vintage dresses.
Brooches that are very traditional and are encrusted with diamonds, pearls or crystals can be worn with wedding dresses. Diamond encrusted brooch complements a white wedding dress, particularly if it has lace trimmings and beading details. A great way to jazz up a dress is to wear a dramatic cluster of jeweled brooches in eye popping colors like electric blue, neon pink and fuchsia. Pair this with a sleek updo and you will instantly look like a Hollywood star. Another way to use a brooch as a fashion accessory, not necessarily in a dress, is to use a brooch as a hair pin in your bun. You can also pin two brooches on your ballerina shoes or use a brooch to pin your scarf. Now that you know all about using brooches for dresses, jazz up your simple dress with a unique brooch and get ready for the compliments.

Fashion Design Speedy

Fashion advice, especially to someone as vulnerable as teenage girls, is something that can go disastrously wrong if one does not know what they’re talking about. And it has been known to happen so don’t judge me for being a little too condescending about it. Fashion as I see it, and as I’m sure many, many girls all around the world see it, is a matter of self-confidence seasoned with a bit of creative thinking and a lot of resourcefulness. You don’t have to own every latest piece of clothing that has walked a ramp to be well-dressed and presentable. That’s one major piece of advice that is underused; by those dishing out the advice and the ones receiving it. In this article, there are some basic tips to ensure that you have an all-season wardrobe. So get ready for a wardrobe upheaval that does not necessarily involve super-expensive couture.

Fashion Tips for Teenage Girls

When it comes to styling teenage girls, one needs to be overly cautious. It’s not just about making the girl wear the latest clothes. It’s about helping her to identify with her inner self and recognize what is going to help her enhance her best features. Just giving a girl a lecture about what you think is the best for her is not enough. She should be able to relate to what you’re saying. You need to put yourself in their place, but advice them from the point of view of a person who will be looking at them (literally). So, let’s check out some very simple and (un)fortunately cliché fashion advice that teenage girls can benefit from.

Stick to Basics
What goes into having a perfect wardrobe that boasts of something nice to wear during every season? What do you need to lay the foundation of a wardrobe so awesome, that you don’t need to spend hours agonizing over the dreaded ‘what to wear’ question? It’s the basics! Or essentials if you will. Honestly, there is nothing more simple to understand than the ‘stick to basics’ philosophy. So what do the basics encompass? Here’s a list of some of the items, whose importance and contribution to your wardrobe you should NEVER underestimate.

Well Fitting Jeans: If you haven’t come across a girl who wears jeans that are either so tight they threaten to explode, or so loose they look like they’re hung on a hanger, then you live in a perfect world. I am yet to find a dictionary in which the word ‘fitting’ means ‘extra-tight-to-the-point-of-tearing-if-worn-when-seated’. Girls, we know you’re at an age when the first and last thing on your mind is how you look. So please, refrain from wearing jeans that are too snug or too loose. Flaunt your body, but do it with dignity.
Tops: T-shirts, tanks, spaghetti straps, the world is your oyster! You need to have these in strong colors that will complement your skin tone and your body type. Do not go in for an ill-fitting top. Your upper body needs to breathe, so you need to have something that will facilitate this basic necessity of life. At the same time, having just sweatshirts and loose tees will take away the femininity from your wardrobe. Include smart button-down shirts, some girly tops, and classy jackets in neutral colors for the winters.
Skirts and Shorts: If you know how to look good in shorts, then nothing should stop you from flaunting your legs in the summer. Follow the cardinal rule of not too tight, not too loose for them as well. If you’re more of a ‘girly’ girl, then you need a collection of pretty skirts in varying lengths: short, medium, and long. You can team the extremely short ones with leggings, wear the medium ones as they are and heavily accessorize with the long ones for an ultra-chic Boho look!
Shoes: You need comfortable footwear for every season. For the summer, flip-flops, slippers, thongs work well. For the winter, go with closed shoes like flat pumps or boots. Don’t wear extremely high heels. They could lead to other problems later on. For the monsoon, you can have a cute pair of rainy boots.
Accessories: There is no shortage of accessories for teens. There are so many stores that are bursting with stuff that you can accessorize with. But what you need always is some nice belts, scarves, a nice pair of eye/sunglasses, some simple jewelry and a perfect attitude to match them.

Once you have the basics of your wardrobe covered, the rest is just psychological.

Be Comfortable
You must have heard this a million times, but that does not dilute its importance. You need to be absolutely comfortable in what you’re wearing. Else, all the ‘advice’ given above or in any other forum that you may read might as well be tossed out the window. Let’s put it this way. You like this boy at school and you want to look nice for him. You can dress up in trendy clothes but if half of your attention is focused on whether your skirt is too short or your shirt is too transparent, it’s going to show on your face, or worse in that oh-so-interesting conversation about dissecting a cockroach that you were having with him. Take it from someone who’s had such unfortunate encounters as an adolescent, it will scar you for the rest of the week, if not for life!

Be Smart
You need to be smart to dress smart. Which means that limited wardrobe though you may have (and it’s always limited for girls, isn’t it?), learn to be creative and experiment with everything you already own. With the basics mentioned above, you will never run out of ideas to dress yourself, for any season and any occasion. You just need to be perfectly aware of what is going to complement your body type well. When in doubt, change. You are the best judge of what you look like. It’s perfectly alright to take a risk with fashion trends once in a while, but if you seriously doubt the way you look in a particular outfit, either get an opinion from someone who can be completely honest with you or just change!