The Fashion Trends

The amazing thing about hoodies and sweatshirts is that despite those higher-priced items like Pigalle & Gosha Rubchinskiy, even the low-priced hoodies are still awesome. Vogue Market Editor Emma Morrison said that she always loves to wear the low-priced hoodies than the expensive ones. The reason is that she believes it does not make make any sense to pay a lot for an old-school classic.

So, just simply take out the high school hoodies in your storage, they can be trendy. I did not know that I was so fashionable when I was a high school student.

White T-shirts for Ladies

In recent years, I have heard that from many people that we don’t need to be so picky to choose a white tee. In fact, I believe white t-shirts are the most sophisticated items in the wardrobe that we should put the highest level of attention to the selection. White T-shirts have to fit your bodies, at the same time, they must be unique in order to stand out from others.

Just Cavalli is gaining popularity for their white print tee. Critics may think that they are too lavish, but I am a big fan of it. I love their printing patterns and cutting. For plain white tee, I usually recommend people to choose from brands like J.crew, Alexander Wang and Zara.

You may think that you cannot wear white t-shirts very often as they are too simple. However, this is a wrong perception. With a good match of bottoms, shoes and accessories, you can wear white tee every single day.

TOMS Shoes

Back in the early mid-2000s, there were no one would imagine alpargatas could become a fashion statement. They are cheap in price and comfy. TOMS successfully grasped the chance to turn it into a worldwide fashion trend.

Is 2016 still their year?

Despite the sandals trend we have been witnessing these days, I believe TOMS will continue to remain as a hit for footwear. TOMS will remain in power for women fashion and start to invade the menswear as a strong fashion staple. Sandals and TOMS are both very comfortable to put on but TOMS shoes got an edge over sandals is that they are even easier to put on and take off. 1 second. BOOM! TOMS is a great companion to any types of bottoms. Usually, ladies would put on skinny jeans in order to match with TOMS shoes. But actually no matter it is casual shorts or any types of skirts, they match well. This is the magical power of TOMS so I believe 2016 Winter and even 2017 are still TOMS’s years.

It is fabulous to see that a traditional Latin shoes of such fun and beautiful origin is now a solid fashion element in both America and even the world.

To reiterate, It is time to invest in your wardrobe now! Hoodies are your modern companion in this winter and you would want to get more stylish white T-shirts now. For the footwear choices, TOMS always worths your consideration.