Trends to wear now from London Fashion

London Fashion Week is such a fast turn around. You have this massive build up wondering what direction each brand will take their collection this season, then when it arrives, within days it’s gone, leaving you out of breath from taking in all the information you have just witnessed. After the dust settles from fashion week you then have time to digest which print, silhouette and fabrics will be key for next season. This is the exciting part as you see new trends appear on the catwalk you shouldn’t have to wait for Spring to come around to wear them. You can take influence from key catwalk styles and source them out now. Here is a rundown of the key style details you can take away from London Fashion week and use now in your wardrobe.

1. The Statement Sleeve.

This season sleeves have been the key detail for tops, with an increase of oversized volume cuffs and in some styles, they have an extreme length to the sleeve. This has been a slow trend that has been increasing with each season so there will already be high street stores covering this area. Styles that feature these details will be shirts or shirting fabric tops. Zara is a great high street store when shopping for this trend.


Another trend which showed its face a few seasons ago and has come round again is ruffles, which are being featured as a detail on all most every kind of style item. Worn correctly ruffles can really make any outfit stand out, the key is to know which item you suits you and your style. Topshop has already shown ruffles as strong styling features to simple fashion items and they are covering this key trend beautifully.